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Automotive Fabric

When choosing the best automotive fabric, you should buy a suitable auto fabric that has beautiful features and is durable. These automotive fabrics meet all the specifications you need and offer more value for your money. Here are the top features:

Outstanding Craftwork

These are among the best options for the automotive fabric you can find in the market because of the excellent designs. The fabric craftwork is perfect for different types of embroidery,emboss,print and bronzing, which means you will get a car with a fantastic interior.

Variety Available

You can buy the most suitable option from the products available. If you are looking for embossing auto fabric, suede, polyester, or woven automotive fabric, you will find fantastic options ready for purchase.

Water Proof Design

The print auto fabric and other materials we sell last long because they are waterproof. Nothing happens to these products, even when you spill liquids on them. All you have to do is wipe and clean the liquid as quickly as possible to prevent it from reaching other areas.

Perfect for Car Roofs

If you are looking for the best headliner fabric or options to roof your car, this is your best bet. The physical look is appealing, and you can find suitable colors to give your car’s interior a unique look.

Fabric for Seat Covers

The print auto fabric is excellent for seat covers. This is so because they can stretch out up to 150cm in width. This creates a sufficient allowance for covering car seats without becoming ruined.


Also, the automotive fabric has durable properties, making it possible to withstand intense UV rays while you are driving your car. Therefore, you should expect the fabric to maintain its color and quality, even under extreme conditions.

The lead time for these products is fast, so you can order them in bulk. Please fill out the customer contact form to provide all the information we need to process your order or answer questions you might have about the automotive fabric.



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