Embroidery Automobile Fabric, Anti Static, Waterproof

This embroidery automobile fabric is a robust and versatile fabric that brings together durability, aesthetics, and comfort.

FOB price from $1.20


Made of 100% polyester, our automobile fabric is resilient, durable, and resistant to most forms of wear and tear.

It weighs between 200-350gsm, adding a level of thickness that contributes to its overall durability and feel.

And it has a width range of 140-160cm and comes in various colors, making it adaptable to different styling and upholstery needs.

The backing of the fabric is customizable. It can be with or without bonding with foam or brushed fabric backing.

Its versatility makes it ideal for various applications, including car seats, bus seats, sofas, upholstery, furniture, luggage, bags, etc.

This automobile fabric is super soft, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-static, tear-resistant, heat-insulating, blackout, shrink-resistant, and cold-resistant.

Additionally, it conforms to the standard CIG quality, and it holds EN, SGS, and ROHS certifications, which further attest to its safety and quality standards.

Hence, contact us today and order the fabric.

Delivery Information :

Port: Ningbo / Shanghai
Transportation Method: By Sea Or By Air

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