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    Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

    Special machines have been developed to create the needle-punched nonwoven fabric brands that have become best-sellers on the market today. We are delighted to be among the top-rated non woven fabric manufacturer brands providing outstanding products for the growing market.

    Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

    You can find these nonwoven fabrics used in other products like filtration machines, aerospace, protective equipment, and in vehicles. These products are used in several commercial, and industrial sectors like agriculture, trading business, and in packaging industries.

    The non woven polypropylene fabric has versatile features which make them favorites for even simple tasks like wall coverings.

    Where to Buy Non Woven Fabrics?

    Where to Buy Non Woven Fabrics

    We sell the best products and stand out as exceptional non woven fabric suppliers meeting the needs of customers worldwide and offering competitive prices. You can view details of our manufacturing facility, where we leverage innovative solutions to produce excellently designed nonwoven fabrics for the growing market.

    Also, we source various products and various types of materials to ensure the final nonwoven fabric exceeds the quality other woven fabric manufacturers offer.

    Order from us today, complete and submit the customer contact form you will find on the product page.

    Product Description

    Product Description

    PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabric

    These waterproof non woven fabrics are eco-friendly, suitable for use indoors and outdoors. They are also shrink-proof and have an impressive anti-UV rating. They weigh below 240 grams and measure from 160 cm to 240 cm in width.

    These non woven fabrics are excellent for interior decor or use in other products because the non woven materials and other materials are sourced from reputable vendors. The materials are 100% polypropylene and are available in different colors. Bulk buyers can view the test report and other specs indicating these products are produced under strict and acceptable industrial standards.

    Auto Carpet Non Woven Fabric

    These classy-looking non wovens are among the bestsellers from our company. The fabric is 100% polyester and available in different colors. Also, the tripe design style compliments the yarn count, which is 32s*32s, making them perfect for use in cars as carpets. You will also find these non woven fabrics used in classy, comfortable shoes.

    The non woven fabric weighs from 380 to 550 grams, making them suitable for versatile uses. Also, they are affordable and suitable for different industries, including medical, commercial environments.

    In addition, this non woven fabric meets the standard CIG quality, proof they are fire retardants, anti-static, and shrink resistant.

    Non Woven UV Resistant Fabric

    These 100% polyester non woven fabric pieces come in multicolor and have a plain style, which makes it easy to match them in any interior decor space. The fabric is durable, shrink-resistant, and fire-retardant. They also have excellent insulation properties.

    These are knitted fabrics that weigh about 75 grams. And the printed designs are perfect for cars, home textiles, lining, upholstery, and other industrial settings. Their quality has earned them EN, SGS, and ROHS certifications, and they are also waterproof and usable indoors and outdoors.

    Thin Style PP Non Woven Fabric

    The materials used for making these non woven fabric pieces are 100% PP, waterproof, fire-resistant, anti-mildew, and tear-resistant. These fabrics are durable and made without using any harmful chemical.

    They weigh from 25 to 40 grams and have a size of 50 cm to 100 cm, depending on the order requirements. The fiber is top quality, and they come in all colors, making it easy to blend them in different event settings.

    These non woven fabric pieces are excellent for any manufacturer that needs stylish fabrics for packing flowers, gifts, and other decorative uses involving bags. They are easy to use and will not tear easily under pressure.

    Mould-Proof Auto Upholstery Fabric

    As top-rated and reputable non woven fabric manufacturer, we recommend this non woven auto fabric, made of 100% polyester. The fabric weighs from 200 to 300 g/sqm and has a with from 140 cm to 160 cm.

    The non woven fabric comes in different colors, suitable for customers who need standard CIG quality fabrics that are waterproof, anti-static, and have fire-retardant properties.

    Order Non Woven Fabrics in Bulk

    Order Non Woven Fabrics in Bulk

    We are the best non woven fabric manufacturer on the market, with a wide range of non woven fabrics for your market. You can order today by sending us your customer contact form with order details. We will respond quickly to process and ship your order.

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