Suede Fabric

The suede fabric is a best seller because they are outstanding and versatile. You can transform anything with these fabrics, whether you want to put them on sofas, car seat cover or roofs, or other furniture. These are the best upholstery options with a satisfaction guarantee.

Microfiber Suede Fabric

These are easy-to-maintain fabrics. You can use them in many ways and for years. It is easy to clean these fabrics with a moist cloth and remove stains. The easy maintenance requirement

makes them a favorite for many users.

Perfect Weight

These microfiber suede fabric products are not heavy. They weigh an average of 110 gsm to 280 gsm which is best for covering sofas or car interior parts.

Mildew Protection

You will find using the suede fabric product easy because they are not vulnerable to mildew. The waterproof property goes a long way to establish the product’s durability. You can enjoy using it for many years and get maximum value for your money.

Soft Microfiber Suede Finishing

If you want to get the best finishing, consider using this microfiber suede fabric. It is beautiful and feels very comfortable when used to cover sofas or other furniture that allow you to relax better. Also, you have no worries about heat because the suede material allows proper circulation that speeds up heat dissipation.

Embroidery Fabric for Auto Upholstery

You can transform the interior part of your car with this suede fabric. The embroidered designs stand out to give the vehicle seats a unique look. The products suitable for embroidery usually weigh 150 gsm, which is perfect.

Printed Designs

You should go for the classy printed suede fabrics that can make your interior space more alluring and comfortable.

Order Suede Fabric in Bulk

You can place bulk orders now. Send in your order details on the customer online form to get started.

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