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    This fabric ticks all the boxes to become the best option for all types of sofas. The designs are beautiful, and looking at the properties, it is guaranteed that these products will last longer, giving you maximum value for your money.

    Soft Sofa Fabric

    You can find these products as soft polyester, perfect for sofa fabric. Also, the product comes in different colors. This allows you to make a choice that matches the interior design theme. You can also mix colors to get the best color blend to make your sofa stand out.

    Best Weight

    You don’t need to use those heavy fabrics to cover sofas. These fabrics weigh only 380 gsm which is best for wrapping up those fantastic sofas. Also, the thickness of the product is

    perfect, with an average width of 145 cm.

    Tear Resistant

    The textile fabric can withstand the strain, making it resistant to wear and tear. The material is also resistant to mildew and easy to manage when cleaning the sofa. This is why it is recommended to wrap up different sofa designs.

    Maximum Comfort

    The textile fabric gives a soothing feeling against the skin. You will enjoy reclining on a sofa that you have wrapped with this soft fabric. The comfort is an added advantage you should not overlook because it adds to the value you get for your investment.

    Affordable Fabrics for Sofas

    These products are not too expensive, and you have options to buy from. You can always find a sofa fabric that matches your budget, even though your bulk order is huge.

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    We guarantee your customers will love this fabric because they are best sellers. We offer convenient payment, fast order processing, and shipping. Complete the customer contact form to get started.

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