Long Hairs Best Faux Fur Fabric For Sofa And Car Seat Cover

Discover this long hairs best faux fur fabric, designed for sofa and car seat covers, accommodating different styles and colors at competitive prices.

FOB price from $1.20

Model: CCKCIG-14 Categories: ,


Crafted with a blend of acrylic and polyester, our artificial fur manifests the perfect amalgamation of strength and style.

Offering a plethora of styles and colors to choose from, it accommodates diverse preferences, also supporting OEM requests for added flexibility.

With a customizable weight ranging from 500g to a substantial 1200g, this best faux fur fabric accommodates cars, garments, toys, chairs, and other furniture.

In addition, certified by SGS, EN, and ROHS, it ensures unparalleled quality and durability.

To sum up, contact us today and add an exquisite touch to your wholesale offerings with our fabric.



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