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    Table Cloth Wholesale

    What are those things that can ruin your table cloth, making you waste money and generally a bad customer experience? At the top of the list is moisture, which causes mildew, poor fitting, and faded colors. We have taken care of these worries so you will always have an excellent experience buying table cloth and chair covers from us.

    Wholesale Tablecloths for All Settings

    We sell excellent quality fabric tablecloths, like linen tablecloths, wedding tablecloths, round tablecloths, and much more. You can view all our products on the website and what’s more- placing orders is so easy. All you need to do is contact us via the customer contact form at the bottom of the product page.

    What is a Good Table Cloth?

    Using a table cloth goes beyond throwing any piece of cloth on the table and placing decor or ornaments on them. A good table cloth must enhance the overall look of the table and room. It is a complimentary item in your overall interior decor design. In addition to that, you need these event linens to match the event theme.

    The table cloth is the first thing many will notice when they enter your home or event venue. It helps set the mood for dinner or even if it’s just cocktails they are having. It is best to avoid cheap tablecloths that ruin easily because many people will notice, which is bad for your reputation.

    Things to Note When Buying Table Cloth Wholesale

    Things to Note When Buying Table Cloth Wholesale

    You can avoid common mistakes by following these tips when buying table covers in bulk:

    You should check the company’s reputation and read the customer reviews to know if the table cover they sell is getting positive responses from the market. You should also know whether the product matches wedding linen, suitable for your market. Also, compare the prices. Table runners should not be overly expensive. You are assured of getting the best prices when buying round or square tablecloths from us.

    Product Description

    These fabulous table cloths are available on our site:

    Waterproof Anti-Mildew Table Cloth

    These beautiful tablecloths will last a lifetime because they are water proof and among the top-rated featured categories. The table cloth has a non-woven backing, and is made from a combination of PVC and PP materials.

    Also, they weigh about 500 grams per square meter and measure 180 cm in width. The tablecloths are available in all colors and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. The tablecloths are also abrasive and fire resistant and of the highest quality for any special event industry.

    Metallic Printed Transparent Table Cloth

    The film lace of these transparent bulk tablecloths is fantastic. They are waterproof, fire resistant, and tear resistant. Also, these heat insulated table runners will not shrink when put in cold water.

    The products are of standard CIG quality and come in different colors. Also, the round tablecloths and square tablecloths are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Customers like the mesh fabric backing that makes the tablecloths more functional.

    PVC Lace Tablecloths

    These wholesale tablecloths are made from 100% polyester and are suitable for use as wedding tablecloths and other event linens. They have a width of 137 cm, which is perfect for versatile uses, and they come in a variety of colors to match chair sashes.

    Also, the tablecloths are waterproof, shrink resistant, and can retard flames. The tablecloths are also anti static. They give the event venue a sophisticated look the rental company wants to achieve.

    Custom Colorful PVC Shining Tablecloths

    These attractive-looking shiny tablecloths are a favorite among event planners. They are easy to use and clean after the special event, and the quality is excellent. They come in different sizes and shapes for events and are waterproof. The elegant style makes them stand out in any party scene.

    Order Table Cloth Wholesale

    Send us your specifications and product details via the customer contact form below. We process and ship orders fast. And are available to provide any help needed to complete your order.

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