Car Seat/Furnitures/Chairs Galvanized Steel Hog Ring Pliers Suppliers

Presenting car seat/furnitures/chairs galvanized seel hog ring pliers by GIC, one of the hog ring pliers suppliers, boasting USA mold and quality.

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These galvanized steel hog ring pliers are essential tools for the construction of car seats, bus seats, beds, sofas, and other furniture items.

Made from high-quality galvanized steel, they are designed with either a straight or bending head for added versatility.

Also, they feature multicolor handles for easy identification and are manufactured with USA mold and quality standards.

With their excellent durability and performance, the pliers ensure a secure and efficient attachment of hog rings to upholstery and other materials.

They are also certified to meet EN, SGS, and ROHS standards, guaranteeing their quality and safety. Therefore, choose us as one of your hog ring pliers suppliers and enjoy the convenience.

Delivery Information:

Port: Ningbo / Shanghai
Transportation Method: By Sea Or By Air


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