100% Polyester Seat Cover Auto Upholstery Screen Printing Fabric

Our exceptional 100% polyester seat cover auto upholstery screen printing fabric is perfect for you seeking a high-quality and visually appealing product.

FOB price from $0.70


With a width of 150cm and a weight of 200gsm, this versatile screen printing fabric is designed to elevate your car and sofa seat cover projects.

To suit your specific requirements, you can choose from various backing options, including twill, plush, non-woven, and knitting.

Our professional factory utilizes advanced machinery and mature technology to produce top-quality products, which sets us apart.

And we maintain strict quality control at each stage of the process and employ a dedicated inspection team to ensure excellence in every order.

Moreover, you will experience the ease and simplicity of importing directly from us, just as if you were purchasing from a local supplier.

Thus, choose our 100% polyester seat cover auto upholstery screen printing fabric for the best prices and a wide range of options.


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