Custom Printed Faux Leather Fabric With Foam Bonded

Looking for premium faux leather fabric that’s custom printed and foam bonded for added comfort? Look no further than Comfort International Co., Ltd! Our custom printed faux leather fabric with foam bonded is a great choice.

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Our faux leather fabric leather material is more cost-efficient and durable than natural leather, with printed finishes, rich colors, and embossed patterns.

It is waterproof, tear-resistant, heat-insulating, low maintenance, and flame retardant, ideal for automotive interiors and DIY projects.

Our standard CIG quality ensures the best service and package. Discover the advantages of faux leather fabric, including its cost-efficiency, durability, aesthetics, low maintenance, versatility, and effortless handling. Shop with us today.

Faux Leather Fabric

If you love the stylish feel of pure leather but none of the animal cruelty that goes into creating them, then the faux leather fabric is for you. Durable, price friendly, and animal-friendly, faux leather fabrics excel in numerous ways from creating art to upholstery.

Faux leather or vinyl leather as a plant-based alternative has widespread use in numerous industries including footwear, clothing and accessories, DIY, automotive, and upholstery. With so many options, it can be daunting to find the right kind of leather fabric by the yard for the right price. Not to worry, we’re here to help you shop right.

What Is Faux Leather Fabric?

It can also be referred to as synthetic or vinyl leather as opposed to the natural hind or skin of animals. It is usually made using a fabric base such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane). Afterward, producers use an imitation leather finish to give it a leathery look.

Faux leather has become a more preferable option for clothing, craft projects, and outdoor upholstery. In addition to durability and malleability, the faux leather fabric can take on different unique or uniform patterns. If you want to achieve a consistent look on your upholstery or bags, then faux leather is your best bet.

The Advantages Of Faux Leather Fabric

You may want to shop for vinyl leather fabric by the yard but you still need clarification. Here are some of the fantastic qualities that make the fabric stand out in the fashion, construction, and art industries.

  1. Cost-Efficient: Vinyl fabric has a more economic cost of production, which makes it price friendly.
  2. Durable: Unlike natural leather, they do not wrinkle, crack or stain. They last longer than bonded leather. Natural leather tends to host mildew with prolonged exposure to moisture but vinyl leather is waterproof, therefore increasing its lifespan.
  3. Aesthetics: Vinyl fabrics come in various textured finishes, rich colors, and embossed patterns. This gives you a range of unlimited options to choose from.
  4. Low Maintenance: A rag and warm water are all you need to maintain the surface shine of vinyl leather. With new technological advancements, you can get rid of inks, oil, and food stains using only a dry rag!
  5. Versatile: Vinyl leather can be used to produce handbags, wallets, upholstery, phone cases, clothing accessories such as earrings and hairbands, and clothing embroidery decals. This gives you more design freedom and uniformity options.
  6. Effortless handling: Vinyl fabrics are easier to work with because you can cut them with ordinary tools. They are easy to sew and they leave less obvious thread marks.

Common Uses for Faux Leathers

Unlike popular opinion, faux leather can be both waterproof or permeable and breathable. It all depends on the construction. You can select from our vinyl material fabric brand leather collection by the yard to create totes, rugged bike jackets, pants, skirts, hair accessories, and more. Here are some of the ways you can use our exquisite fabric.

  • Costumes: The right costume can be the dividing line between a drab school play and one where the audience is vested in the characters. The 100% polyester shrink-resistant imitation leather gets your game face on and our patterned collectiongives you a range of options from flowery patterns to animal skin.
  • Outdoor Upholstery: Beautify your hotels, patio, garden, and lounge upholstery with incredible leather-covered furniture. Check out this antistaticimitation leather or try out the dirt-resistant imitation leather that will protect against UV and color fade.
  • DIY Arts and Crafts:For DIY, you want a leather that is sturdy enough to hold yet easy to cut and sew. The CW171231 is a PVC vinyl fabric that can serve multiple purposes including making shoes and sofa covers.
  • Sofa covers: You’ll find this glossy microfibre suedefabric leather by the yard a unique touch for home furnishings for sofas and chair covers. Or you can opt for the more furry waterproof-knitted leather item for cozier relaxation.
  • Bag and Luggage:Whether you are into fancy fabric material or you prefer bold monotone fabric, you’ll find great options in our collection such as these beautifully patterned PVC leathers that also double for outdoor upholstery fabric.
  • Car Seat: Choose from our collection of embossed leather designsto make your car interior stand out. Our heat-insulating PU leather keeps your car seats from overheating. You might also find the water-proof flame retardant sponge a great fit for comfortable car foot mats.

Faux Leather FAQs

Check out some of the popular FAQs. Got some more questions or do you want to place an order? Feel free to contact us.

What is faux leather?

Faux leather is also called imitation leather or artificial leather. It is produced by coating a wool or cotton base with a polymer-based substance such as polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane. Then it undergoes some treatment to make it resemble natural leather. It is often used to provide an alternative to genuine leather fabric.

What is Polyurethane Leather | PU Leather?

Polyurethane leather is one of the three types of synthetic leather. PU leather is 100% vegan (no animal product) and is made from thermoplastic polymer.

How do you clean faux leather?

To clean artificial leather, wipe with a wet rag dabbed in warm water.

What are some of the advantages of using Faux Leather vs. Genuine Leather?

  • They are more price friendly
  • They come in various textured finishes, rich colors, and embossed patterns.
  • They are impervious to water, UV, mildew, and stains
  • They are easy to cut and sew.
  • They are vegan products
  • They have a uniform pattern and print which makes them ideal for upholstery, bags, and car seats

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