Dirty Resistance Upholstery PVC Faux Black Leather Fabric for Car Seat

Experience the exceptional quality of the dirty-resistant PVC faux black leather upholstery fabric, versatile and resilient, perfect for car seats and a variety of other applications.

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Our leather, meticulously constructed from PVC, is available in a multitude of colors and is supplied as per your requirements.

Its dimensions stand at a thickness of 1.0mm and a width of 137cm, and it features a brushed fabric backing, enhancing its durability.

The versatility of this fabric extends beyond car seats; it’s also ideal for sofas, upholstery, garments, luggage, gloves, and much more.

Plus, it encapsulates an array of features, including memory, waterproofing, flame retardancy, anti-static properties, tear resistance, heat insulation, blackout, shrink resistance, and cold resistance.

Adhering to the standard CIG quality and certified by EN, SGS, and ROHS, the faux black leather offers exceptional service and packaging. In conclusion, contact us today and invest in it.

Delivery Information :

Port: Ningbo / Shanghai
Transportation Method: By Sea Or By Air


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