Modern Classic Commercial Upholstery Car Seat Fabric

Step into a world of style and strength with our high-quality, customizable modern classic commercial upholstery car seat fabric.

FOB price from $0.70


Made of sturdy polyester, this upholstery car seat fabric merges strength with sophistication, creating a striking balance that adds value to your product line.

It displays a stunning printing design that seamlessly blends modern and classic aesthetics.

Available in a myriad of colors, it caters to a diverse range of stylistic preferences.

With the ability to accommodate customer designs, we offer personalized solutions tailored to fit unique requirements.

With a generous width of 150 cm-160 cm, our upholstery car seat fabric is perfect for various applications, including auto seat covers, bus seats, and furniture upholstery.

Additionally, one of its key advantages is its competitive price paired with its robust strength, delivering excellent value for money.

In summary, invest in our fabric and add value to your product line.


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