Custom Garments Accessories Nylon Sewing Thread For Sewing Leather Shoes / Bags / Tents

Presenting CIG’s high-quality nylon sewing thread for sewing leather shoes, bags, and tents, made from 100% nylon, offering exceptional strength and durability.

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Our high-quality custom garments accessories nylon sewing thread is made from 100% nylon, perfect for sewing leather shoes, bags, and tents.

Its ring twist/TFO techniques ensure a secure and long-lasting hold. And it sizes 120D/2,150D/2,300D/2 and has a high tenacity feature, ideal for both professional and DIY sewing projects.

Furthermore, with a bright characteristic, this sewing thread adds a touch of elegance to any garment or accessory. In summary, contact us today and order it.

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