Classic Faux Upholstery Woven Leather Fabric

Revamp your upholstery projects with our classic faux upholstery woven leather fabric, offering a unique blend of classic and modern styles.

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Expertly crafted from PVC leather with a woven TC backing, our synthetic leather fabric combines durability and style.

Its thickness and width, specified as 0.7mm x 137cm, make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

The fabric stands out with its classic and modern design elements. Its woven textile fabric technique ensures a texture that is both tactile and visually striking.

Plus, available in an array of colors, it allows you to create designs that truly reflect your aesthetic preferences.

From sofas and chairs to bags and other furnishings, this woven leather fabric lends itself beautifully to various uses. Overall, upgrade your project with our fabric.

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