100% Polyester Tatting Fabric for Car Seat Cover

Presenting our car seat cover tatting fabric, a testament to high-quality craftsmanship, boasting backing options like twill, plush, non-woven, and knitting.

FOB price from $0.85


The tatting fabric is designed with a width between 137 to 142 cm and a thickness of 0.12 mm, ensuring robust coverage and durability.

Its backing is diverse, ranging from twill to plush to non-woven to knitting, to provide maximum versatility in usage.

The primary purpose of our fabric is to be utilized as a cover for car seats, yet it can also serve well in sofa seat covers.

And its properties make it suitable for both automotive and home decor applications, providing a perfect blend of aesthetics and function. Therefore, contact us today and invest in this fabric.

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