Plain Colorful Transparent PVC Flex Film For Packing

The plain colorful transparent PVC flex film offers visually appealing and reliable packing solutions, boasting waterproof, combined with an array of attractive colors and a soft feeling.

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Manufactured from high-quality PVC with a T/C backing technique, our flex film provides robust protection, ensuring your products remain undamaged and presentable.

It boasts a plain, chic design and comes in a variety of attractive colors. Besides, the width of 54/55″ (137cm) accommodates diverse packaging requirements.

Beyond its visual appeal, this PVC flex film offers functional advantages. It is waterproof, guarding your items against moisture and water damage.

Furthermore, it aligns with standard CIG quality, supported by EN, SGS, and ROHS certifications, delivering excellent service and an impressive package.

In conclusion, contact us today and add it to your inventory.

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