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One of the features that make artificial leather unique is its versatility. They are usually used to make car seats more comfortable and presentable. Driving a car is more enjoyable with comfortable leather seats. You should feel comfortable while steering the vehicle through the streets. We recommend this product for car seat,sofa or making other chairs. The features are impressive:

Waterproof Design

You have no worries about water ruining the car seats even when there is a spill. The artificial leather is waterproof. The synthetic leather also allows you to clean spills preventing water from entering other seat parts quickly.

Thick Car Seat Leather

On average, the thickness of the leather used to make these seats falls between 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm . That means you have a guarantee of enjoying the maximum comfort that leather provides when it is used to boost the upholstery leather in it.

Making Quality Sofa

These materials are excellent for making sofa. The sofa leather will have remarkable

strength and durability. Products made with this grade of leather are worth your money.

Beautiful Design

You can find these car seats with different fantastic patterns on the artificial leather. These designs add to the aesthetic appeal, which gives you more satisfaction while cruising the car.

The seams are also tight.


The patterns sewn into the upholstery leather will not be ruined even after many years of driving the car.  The leather comes in different colors and patterns, making it an excellent choice for car seats,sofas, bags, and other fashion accessories.

Place Bulk Orders

You can quickly order foam bonded upholstery leather,sofa leather, or artificial leather. Fill out the customer contact page with the information about your order, and we will start the process. Lead time for bulk orders is less one month, and we ship fast.




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