Tear - Resistant Heat - Insulatio PU Distressed Upholstery Leather Width 137cm


PU distressed upholstery leather for Car Seat / Sofa / Upholstery, Bonding with Foam Backing

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1. Ensure the goods will be inspected each orders and delivered on time.

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Технічні характеристики :

Products Name: PU Synthetic Leather for Car Seat / Sofa / Upholstery, Bonding with Foam Backing
Використання: Car Seat, Sofa, Upholstery, Furnitures, Luggage, Bags etc.
Features of Fabric: Memory, Waterproof, Flame Retardant, Anti-Static, Tear-Resistant, Heat-Insulation, Blackout, Shrink-Resistant, Cold-resistant.
Quality standard: Стандартна якість CIG з найкращим обслуговуванням і пакетом
Порт: Нінбо / Шанхай
Сертифікація: EN, SGS, ROHS
матеріал: PU
Transporation Method: By Sea Or By Air
колір: Багатобарвність
Техніка підкладки Plain woven fabric backing


1) Thickness: 0.8mm – 1.2MM
2) Width: 137cm
3) With Foam + nonwoven Backing
Varied surface designs popular for Car Seat, Sofa, Chair, Upholstery and handbags, Plain or Dots.

distressed upholstery leather

1. Чому обирають нас!

Єдине обслуговування, покупки без ризику!

Our group was founded in 2004. We have 3 Companies. During 10 years , we were becoming stronger and developing year by year.

(1) What We Serve to Our Customers

Найкращий сервіс: We have resource department in which all employees have more than 10 years experience in this area.

They could answer you in soonest time and help you in time.
We have QC department to ensure each cargo is well produced and is packed well before delivery.
Best quality with best price: we have more than 1000 suppliers which could guarantee that the quality and price is the best for you in the market.
Quickest delivery time: we use the Scientific Management Like ERP to merchandise each step in order to make sure your cargo to be delivered fastly in time.

(2) These Are What We Have Achieved

Клієнти: From one country to more than 100 countires in all over the world.
Бренд: From OEM to have our own brand "CIG" which is popular in most countries.
Члени компанії: From 3 empolyees in the beginning of our development to 40 employees now.
Річний дохід: From 1 Million USD to 20 Million USD In 2014.
Office Square: From renting 90sqm to have our own office with more than 1000sqm area.


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