Ткань из искусственной крокодиловой кожи с нетканой основой

Step into the world of luxury with our exquisite faux crocodile leather fabric, designed to elevate your projects and leave a lasting impression.

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Available in a range of mesmerizing colors, this crocodile-inspired Pvc fabric features a thickness of 1.0mm – 1.5mm and a width of 137-140cm, providing ample options for customization.

Expertly crafted with a nonwoven backing, it is perfect for a variety of applications, including sofas, furniture, chairs, decorations, bags, and luggage.

And enhanced with a plethora of features, such as memory, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-static, tear-resistant, heat-insulation, blackout, shrink-resistant, and cold-resistant properties, our faux crocodile leather offers unmatched durability and versatility.

Additionally, at CIG, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality standards, exceptional service, and prompt delivery.

The faux crocodile leather fabric is certified by EN, SGS, and ROHS, ensuring you receive a premium product that meets your expectations.

Hence, when you partner with us for all your faux crocodile leather needs, you’ll discover the best prices and an unparalleled selection.

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Порт: Нинбо / Шанхай
Способ транспортировки: По морю или по воздуху


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