Прозрачные пластиковые листы различной ширины и цвета

Our versatile clear plastic sheets are available in a stunning array of widths, colors, and patterns to meet your diverse needs.

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Our Pvc clear plastic sheets are made-to-order and come in various patterns, such as transparent, printed, and colored designs. Its weaving process ensures the highest quality PVC clear film, providing exceptional durability and performance.

With widths ranging from 120-183cm and thicknesses from 0.07-3.0mm, these clear plastic sheets are adaptable to a multitude of applications, including apparel, bed articles, food packaging, cosmetics, home textiles, electronic adhesive tapes, raincoats, pharmaceuticals, toys, credit cards, and plastic suction materials.

Impressive features such as memory, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-static, tear-resistant, heat-insulation, blackout, and shrink-resistant make the sheets an ideal choice for various industries. Besides, priced competitively at USD$1.50-1.70/kg, they offer outstanding value for your business.

In conclusion, choose our plastic sheets for your wholesale needs and experience the difference in quality and versatility of our products. With a vast selection and unbeatable value, they are the ideal choice for businesses looking to source top-quality materials at competitive prices.

Информация о доставке:
Порт Нинбо / Шанхай
Минимальный заказ 1000 м/м Вместимость 50000 метров/метров в месяц
Дни доставки 30 дней
Детали упаковки Packing:40-50m/roll, out Poly Bag.
Условия оплаты Л/К, Т/Т


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