Película colorida, PVC transparente, verde/azul/tom de cor cristal

Presenting our vibrant colorful film, including green, blue, and crystal tones, designed to add a touch of style and functionality to your projects.

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This transparent colorful film is made from high-quality Pvc material, perfect for various applications in packaging, covering, windows, and door curtains.

It is available in both normal clear and super clear types, with a smooth style and thickness ranging from 0.06mm to 5.0mm.

And the width options vary between 100cm and 200cm, ensuring you find the perfect dimensions for your specific needs.

Certified by EN, SGS, and ROHS, our colorful film offers excellent features, such as waterproofing and moisture prevention, guaranteeing durability and high performance for your business requirements.

Moreover, at CIG, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and providing you with the best service and packaging.

We also ensure that all our products are thoroughly inspected and delivered on time while offering warm and friendly after-sales service.

Overall, choose this colorful film for a reliable and hassle-free experience that makes importing directly from us as simple as buying from a local supplier.

Enjoy the best prices and various options tailored to your needs.

Informação de entrega:
Porta Guanzghou / Shanghai
MOQ 1000 quilogramas Capacidade 20 toneladas por mês
Min. Quantidade do pedido 1000 quilogramas Dias de entrega 20 dias
Detalhes de empacotamento Packing:20-200m/roll, out Poly Bag.
Termos de pagamento L/C, T/T



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