Jacquard Red Car Interior Fabric

Presenting the jacquard red car interior fabric, an embodiment of elegance and resilience, bringing a touch of opulence to any automotive interior.

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With a width of 140 to 160cm and a weight of 180 to 260gsm, this 100% polyester red car interior fabric strikes a perfect balance between strength and style.

And it promises durability while keeping a lightweight feel with a density of 20D.

Utilizing advanced knitting techniques, we offer a variety of styles, including plain, print, jacquard, and embossed.

This level of versatility empowers you to meet diverse tastes and requirements.

Not limited to car interiors, our fabric’s potential extends to upholstery, sofas, shoes, garments, jackets, and more.

With waterproof, down-proof, windproof, and tear-resistant features, it delivers robustness and longevity without sacrificing aesthetic charm.

Moreover, the red car interior fabric complies with ROHS, CE, and SGS certifications, reinforcing our commitment to quality.

Consequently, contact us today and invest in this fabric.


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