Things to Consider When Buying Polyurethane Synthetic Leather Furniture

With more people paying attention to their home interior decor, there’s a lot of interest in creating stylish and trendy homes that always look good in leather. This creates a unique opportunity to invest in polyurethane synthetic leather. It looks and feels just like real leather, which many people do not like because of the process through which they are obtained.

You can buy polyurethane fake leather and achieve the same exotic and classy appeal that makes a big statement. It is always impressive when you use polyurethane synthetic leather to cover your furniture.

They blend in with the interior décor perfectly. However, we recommend you buy all your PU fake leather from us. We sell the best stock and can meet your needs for all genuine black leather fabric bulk orders.

What Type of Furniture Can You Cover with Polyurethane Synthetic Leather?

The reason why this product is outstanding is that you can use them in different ways. You can find a way to use the polyurethane blend synthetic leather in the following furniture options:

Indoor Sofas

After using these materials to cover sofas, you will observe that everyone will be eager to sit on them. That is because the material feels comfortable when it touches the skin. Also, the depth it sinks is not too deep, so you can maintain a proper sitting posture.

Indoor sofas finished with the material PU leather are also bestsellers. This is why the products are in such high demand.

Outdoor Chairs in Porches

You can relax outside your home and enjoy the experience even more, when sitting on chairs covered with PY synthetic leather. According to several customer reviews, the chairs covered with these materials are super comfortable and last for a long time.

Dining Chairs

Using polyurethane imitation leather for dining chairs is a brilliant idea. The outcome is usually a classy set of beautiful chairs that will leave your guests in awe every time. You can enjoy a luxury dining experience sitting comfortably on these chairs. The feeling is refreshing and soothing.

Bar Stools

These materials are excellent for bar stools. They have a rich color that will hide any spills while you and your guests are reclining at the bar.

Essentially, you can use these materials to finish different types of furniture to give them a classy look. Also, the PU imitation leather looks exactly like the real thing. You will be unable to tell the difference between real leather that people obtain from animals. This is one reason why many people are searching for these synthetic leather materials.

Why You Should Buy Polyurethane Synthetic Leather

Over time, the PU synthetic material has provided benefits to counter the problems many people experience when they use real leather. It is an excellent alternative to real leather. It takes an experience with these products, and the users will not look back.

The Price

One of the top reasons we recommend polyurethane imitation leather is the price. Real leather is too expensive. Not only that, the benefits are not so significant to spend so much money, when you can get all the benefits for a lesser price. You will notice a huge difference if you make a price comparison.

Also, from the reviews, we can see that the customer experience with PU fake leather is even better when compared to using real leather.

The Texture

The texture of PU fabric material is super amazing. It is soft and feels good on the skin. This is why most people would rather sit on furniture made with these materials instead of the real leather options.

The PU synthetic material’s texture is much better than real leather because of the manufacturing process. The makers can adjust and amend the production settings to get the right texture. This is different from real leather, where you have no say on the kind of texture you would prefer. The options with real leather are limiting and this can be nerve-wracking.

We think it is best to have furniture made from soft genuine black leather fabric because it is more comfortable.


The PU fake leather lasts long. It is extremely durable because of the production processes. If one mistake is made, the real leather may not last as long as it is supposed to last. This happens when the manufacturers wrongly mix the preservatives to keep real leather looking good. Also, real leather needs to be treated often, which is quite an issue for the owner.

However, the case is different when using PY synthetic leather. The manufacturers make the materials using the best processes that guarantee long-term use. They are easy to maintain, so you have a guarantee that these products will last for a long time.

How You Can Identify the Best Polyurethane Synthetic Leather

There are some simple ways to know whether the product you are about to buy is high-grade PU imitation leather. Here are our top tips:

Get a Whiff of the Leather

The smell is a good way to know which leather is best for you. The synthetic leather will smell like adhesives. Although the smell is not too harsh, you should be able to perceive it.

Check the Product Label

The product label should indicate whether the leather is bonded or reconstituted. You may also indicate that it has been bi-cast and rated as having a corrected grain.


The color of PU fabric is usually deeper and more captivating than real leather. You should take time to buy from reputable websites such as ours because the color you see online is what you will get when your shipment arrives.

Care Tips for Polyurethane Synthetic Leather

Although some polyurethane synthetic leather items claim to be machine washable, putting them in the washer can damage the finish and general appearance of the item. For the best results, clean synthetic leather by hand.

Dish soap and warm water, used with a soft brush, will remove stains off faux leather purses, coats, and other things. If a thorough cleaning is required, take your item to a professional.

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