Kain Permaidani Warna-warni Lembut Tahan Lama, Material Permaidani Masjid Untuk Solat

This soft, durable, and colorful carpet fabric with a 100% polyester composition is perfect for mosque prayer and various other applications.

Harga FOB dari $1.00

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Our carpet fabric is made-to-order and features a needle-punched (nonwoven) technique, ensuring exceptional quality.

And with a weight range of 200g/sqm to 650g/sqm and customizable width (1m to 6m) and length options, you’ll find the perfect fit for your project.

This versatile fabric with an array of vibrant colors can be used for wedding decorations, home décor, and auto applications.

It truly has it all, boasting features such as memory, waterproofing, flame resistance, anti-static, tear resistance, heat insulation, blackout, and shrink resistance.

Our carpet fabric adheres to the standard CIG quality, offering the best service and packaging.

And it also holds certifications from EN, SGS, and ROHS, ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards.

Further, at CIG, we promise to ensure that our products meet quality standards, inspect and deliver goods on time, and provide warm, friendly service and after-sales support.

You will experience the simplicity of importing directly from us and discover that it’s as easy and hassle-free as purchasing from a local supplier.

In short, choose our soft, durable, and colorful carpet fabric for your next project and enjoy the best prices and a wide selection.

Maklumat penghantaran :

Pelabuhan: Ningbo / Shanghai
Kaedah Pengangkutan: Melalui Laut Atau Udara
Pakej Pembungkusan gulung, dalam beg tenunan PP
bayaran T/T L/C
Penghantaran 15 hari selepas penerimaan deposit
MOQ 1000 meter persegi
Sampel Percuma
Pemeriksaan dalaman
Teguran Boleh dipercayai, Kualiti yang baik, Harga yang berpatutan, Perkhidmatan yang sangat baik dalam industri ini dikenali oleh pelanggan, Mengalu-alukan pertanyaan anda.

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