Fornitore di feltro di tessuto in feltro dai colori vivaci


All-Purpose Felt Supplier

Felt materials have different features that make them unique. For example, you may need to buy felt materials for the automotive industry, polyester felt, or rock hard felt material. In such a situation, it is best to buy from a company like ours because we sell everything in the felt materials category.

All-Purpose Felt Supplier

We sell in bulk, so you can rely on us for a consistent supply of felt, and these fabrics are the best.

Why Invest in Felt Materials?

There are many reasons why felt is great for your market. These adhesive backed felt are durable and excellent for converting services because the cut parts are versatile. Also, the felt is durable and comes in many exciting colors.

caratteristiche del prodotto

Here are the top features that make our felt business stand out:

Product Variety

You can place orders for products like needled felt, non-woven felt, wool, or craft felts. We ensure these products are always available for purchase.

Felt Material Density

The density of these materials depends on the type you order. For example, the needled felt material has a density range from 80-4000g/m2; while the craft felt ranges from 80-500g/m2, wool felt – 0.10-0.65g/cm3, and so on. We will provide more details based on your order requirements.

Product Material

Product Material

These materials are 100% polyester, perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

Gamma di spessori

The needled felt materials are usually 0.5-20mm thick, while the craft felt is 1-3mm, and the thickness range for wool felt is 0.5-70mm.

Physical Appearance

Felts have different physical textures because of their varying thicknesses and densities. They are usually dyed in patterns or plain. The felts also come in different colors.

Other Features

These materials are shrink resistant, waterproof, and anti-static. They are also tearproof, eco-friendly, and anti-pull. They are suitable for use in bag linings, shoe linings, home textiles, and cars.

Order in Bulk

Order in Bulk

The minimum order quantity ranges from 1000 to 5000 pieces depending on your order. You can send us your customer contact form with preferred order details.

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