Diivani polsterdusriie, 100%Ppolüester, triibuline šenill

Avastage meie peen diivani polsterduskangas, mis on valmistatud 100% polüestrist ja millel on keerukas triibuline šenilldisain.

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Our make-to-order upholstery fabric for sofa allows for customization in width, ranging from 140 cm to 160 cm, and weight between 200 gsm and 600 gsm.

And it comes in both large and small ant styles, offering a variety of designs to suit your preferences.

Our fabric, with a multitude of colors and patterns available, boasts an array of features such as memory, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-static, tear-resistant, heat-insulation, blackout, and shrink-resistant properties.

So it is ideal for home textiles, sofas, curtains, and upholstery.

Further, at CIG, we uphold the highest quality standards and provide exceptional service and packaging.

Our products are certified by EN, SGS, and ROHS, ensuring compliance with stringent quality requirements.

We are committed to inspecting and delivering each order on time and providing warm, friendly after-sales support.

And we also guarantee a seamless and reliable experience that makes importing directly from us as easy and hassle-free as buying from a local supplier.

Seetõttu valige meie diivani polsterduskangas konkurentsivõimelise hinna ja laia valikute jaoks, mis on kohandatud teie vajadustele.

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